School bus and lunch ordering service

School bus and lunch ordering service

School Bus Service

The school has seven school bus routes that take students to and from the school point-to-point. The train line includes all districts in Kowloon and even Tseung Kwan O. In order to ensure the safety of students, school buses are equipped with four-point safety belts and wheelchair locks, and there are more workers taking care of students on the school buses. The lifting platform of each school bus is convenient for wheelchair students to get on and off.

Meal Service

Our school is now provided by Vita World Service Co., Ltd. for lunch service. Four styles are provided every day for students to choose from to cater for the different needs of students. In order to ensure that students eat healthy and safe, the Meal Group of the Home School Community Department will regularly check and test the lunch boxes and measure the temperature of the lunch boxes. At the same time, the meal group will also invite parent representatives to come to school to test food in the next semester, and give valuable opinions on the taste, nutrition, serving size, temperature, etc., and reflect to the supplier to improve the quality of service. Lunch time is an important part of the learning and life process. Speech therapists will evaluate the students’ swallowing ability and recommend appropriate eating methods. Therefore, some students need exemption; some students need scissors, etc... In addition, due to students’ body muscles It can be different, and occupational therapists will arrange different food utensils for students to eat according to the needs of students, thereby enhancing their self-care ability.