The physiotherapist evaluates and sets individual treatment goals and plans for students. According to the needs of individual students, through individual or group forms, appropriate treatments can be used to improve students' physical fitness. The therapist will also use different types of auxiliary equipment to exercise And improve students' daily activity ability, so that students can be more involved in life and improve their quality of life.

The department also designs morning exercises for students and trains student leaders to lead the teachers and students of the school to do morning exercises every day. In addition, the therapist will also integrate the treatment goals into the classroom and life processes, so that students have more opportunities to apply the skills they have mastered in life.

In addition, during lunch every day, the therapist also arranges for students in need to perform standing exercises, and arranges walking training groups during lunch hours to strengthen students' walking ability and endurance.

Physiotherapists also regularly provide training for the entire school's faculty to enhance their awareness of occupational safety and correct physical handling operations.