School Information

School Information

Hong Kong Red Cross Margaret Trench School is a Government-Aided Special School for the physically-handicapped students, founded and sponsored by the Hong Kong Red Cross in 1973. Based on the Red Cross Principle of Humanity, we care for students with physical disabilities by providing them with holistic education.

Our staff will prepare tailor-made "Individualized Education Plans" for all students, and regularly review their learning progress through diversified systematic school-based assessments. Additional "non-Chinese speaking" (NCS) and information technology (IT) support will be provided to students in need.

Our school nurses provide comprehensive nursing care to ensure that students can enjoy healthy and happy school life. Our social workers assist students in solving personal, family, interpersonal or academic problems, and are committed to strengthening the connection among students, families, school and the community. Our physiotherapists help students to strengthen their cardiorespiratory function, physical fitness and gross motor functions. Our occupational therapists help students to improve fine motor functions, pre-writing/writing skills, self-care skills and pre-vocational skills. Speech therapists help students to improve communication, social interaction, speech and language, swallowing and oromotor abilities.

The school also emphasizes on the communication and cooperation with the family. We update parents regularly on all aspects of our students in school. We will arrange home visits when necessary to check whether there is any need for supplementary equipment at home. We build closer relationships when we enjoy seasonal celebrations together.

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