Special Room

Our school is committed to taking care of the physical needs of students and creating a barrier-free campus, hoping that they can grow up healthy and happy in MTS. Therefore, there are many barrier-free elements in the school's facilities, which have been well received by the outside world. In 2004, the school won the thematic architectural award of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects Annual Award-"Accessible Architecture Design". Now I will introduce you one by one:

  • The school has a large ramp from the underground to the first floor, which is convenient for wheelchair students. Sometimes students who use walkers are allowed to walk for walking training. Especially on the days when the lift is suspended, the ramp will play its greatest role.

  • Have you seen the special barrier-free design? That is, the roads on the campus are very spacious, and there is no big problem with two wheelchairs driving side by side!

  • Each staircase is equipped with two handrails, with different heights, to cater for the needs of students of different grades. The height and width of the steps have also been asked for the opinions of physical therapists, hoping that students can work safely on campus.

  • There are also two handrails outside the classroom door, with different heights to cater for the training needs of students of different grades.

  • The school also has a lift, which is very spacious and can carry 6 wheelchair students at a time!

  • The student toilets are equipped with automatic doors, which will open as long as the button is pressed, so that workers can take students in and out of the toilet.