Parent Staff Association

Parent Staff Association

The Parent Staff Association (PSA) was established in August 2010.


  • Facilitate the communication among students’ families and the school
  • Nourish the mutual supportive and cooperative relationships among school staff and parents
  • Discuss on matter concerning students’ welfare


  • Parent members: Parents and guardians of all current students are eligible to apply as parent members.
  • School members: All current staff are
  • Permanent members: Parents and guardians of school alumni are eligible to apply as permanent members, requires approval from the Executive Committee.

PSA Executive Committee, School Year 2020/21

Position Parent Representative School Representative

Ms. WONG Pui Ching Janice

(Parent of LEUNG Pak Yu)


Ms. CHENG Yuen Yan

(Parent of YIP Wing Hei Kristy)

Ms. HO Mabel

(Speech therapist)

General Secretary & Treasurer

Ms. WANG Sau Nei Shirley

(Parent of SIN Lok Yan Natalie)

Ms. LEUNG Hoi San

(Social worker)

Activity Coordinator

Ms. IP Ka Yan

(Parent of LO Hong Kiu Keeva & LO Cheuk Kiu Keela)

Mr. KWOK Kam Wai

(Parent of KWOK Yim Lam)

Ms. LAM Shui Yung

(Speech therapist)

Ms. LO Lok Chi Gigi

(Assistant Principal)

Mr. WONG Chi Kwan

(Social worker)

Ms. WONG Shui Kwan


Liaison Coordinator

Ms. NG Wai Ching

(Parent of YUE Man Hei)

Ms. LAM Chor Wah

(Parent of CHEUNG Hong Ching)

Ms. TEE Sum Yee Connie

(Parent of KOH Weiqi Raphael)

Ms. LEUNG Cho Yee Joey


Ms. CHAN Mei Hing

(Occupational therapist)